Amazing Tips on How to Care for your High Heel Shoes


The argument has been won even before it started that high heels gift us confidence and if you already have it increase the levels and when we walk in them we feel like we are on the top of the world and there’s no stopping us. For many, the mere smell of a freshly delivered shoe can enliven the minutest desires.

Here’s the thing about an investment purchase like a classic Jessica Bedard's SARA Peep-Toe Fur Stilettos: it requires a commitment to buy and keep in your closet, but the reward pays off every time you pull out that statement piece, season after season. And when it comes to looking after heels, you’re not alone. We gat you.

Here are tips and suggestions on how to take care of your heels so they can continue to take care of you.

 Keep it clean

Always remove dirt from the high heels before cleaning them. This maintains the shoe and protects the material from losing its quality. Use a condition polish for your heels from time to time using a soft cloth. And keep your suede pairs fresh with a stiff shoe brush (Remember use motion in the same direction not back and front) Use a suede eraser to rub away any dried dirt or stains.

 Switch to rubber heel lifts

This is where your friendship with a cobbler becomes handy. On most of your favorite stilettos, the backing over the tip of the heel is made of plastic, which tends to grind against concrete. After a night dancing on Friday night of out, it might be worn out this exposes the metal point of the heel and makes it difficult to repair and it changes the entire look of the shoes. So once you have invested in your statement heel, bring your beloved pair to a cobbler to have the plastic lift swapped out for a more durable rubber equivalent. It allows the heel to wear evenly.


Storage is very important in taking care of your heels. A shoe closet is a great way to keep them safe and moist free. Invest in a good shoe closet so that they stay longer and aren’t affected by outside.

 Check your heels.

Instead of tiredly putting them away from the end of the night only to realize wear and tear when you reach for them the next time you’re on your way out, scan the heels and bottom of soles for

damage—this will prevent any surprises. Add pads to the bottom of the heel for anti-slip and as sole protectors. Just as you would turn over your wardrobe at the end of the season, go through your shoes to see which of your favorite pairs require maintenance before (carefully) stowing them away.

Walk Right.

Remember you have invested a lot of money on your favorite shoes so take on the responsibility of how to wear them. Stomping and dragging your feet on the floor ruins your shoe so try walking slowly and elegantly- this prevents damage. So be aware of how you put your feet on the ground. Also one of the best ways to care for high heels is by walking less. Never wear high heels and walk on bad roads or long distances also because it is not good for your legs.

 Never drive wearing high heels.

 Driving in high heels is a sure way to damage your shoes as the pressure on your heels from driving can cause heels or shanks to break. Chances of losing the shape are higher. Avoid exerting much pressure on high heels if you want to maintain them for longer use. Wear flip-flops while driving your car.

Take off your Shoes Properly.

Step out of your heels as daintily and with as much care as when you put them on. When you don’t untie them and use your foot to remove the opposite shoe, it crushes the heel cap, the heel and toe cap hold the form of the shoe. 

Arm yourself with these tips and the life of your favorite pairs of heels will be here this season and the next and the ones that follow.