Jessica Bedard Shoes: How to care for your shoes- Different materials we use




When investing in a new and exciting piece much attention shouldnt  only be on solely on style and quality but also longevity and so in order to get many years of joy out of your shoes, it is very important to maintain them properly. If you are looking to increase the lifespan of your favorite shoes it is important you read this article to the end in other to equip yourself with these female shoe care tips. Our shoe line consists beautifully made in Italy shoes that explore the use of different materials, but how do you care for these shoes made with different materials?

General Shoe Care:

1.        The first, easiest and the most important thing you can do for your shoes are put in shoe trees when you are not wearing them, yes the same type your husband or husband to be used for his dress shoes. They are equally effective for men’s dress shoes as they are for high heels or any other type of women's shoes, including boots.  They can help the shoes expel moisture (sweat, rain, etc.) and fend off creasing by holding the shoes’ shape.  An alternative will be old newspaper they do the same job as the shoe tree.

2.       Shoe horns are not only for men’s shoes, you can even borrow this from your other half so you can save yourself some money. Shoe horns are very useful because they help preserve the shape of the counter and quarter, (the parts that often go around your heel) generally shoe horns help to preserve the shape of your shoes.

3.       Another simple and easy thing you can do is wipe your shoes down after every use with a towel or brush.  It will help keep them free of dust and dirt and can help take out minor stains and scuffs.

4.       We have the tendency to wear our favorite pair of shoe every day, but give them time to rest, in order to save the materials we don’t want to beat it out. Alternate your shoes.

5.       Impregnate your shoes: When you impregnate your shoes, the upper is coated with an impermeable layer – moisture as well as dirt won’t penetrate the upper. A side benefit is that impregnation will increase the durability of your shoes. Our suggestion is that you take it to a professional to do this for you. You should impregnate your shoes more often especially during winter or raining season because it will help increase the lifespan of your favorite shoes.

Most collection of Jessica Bedard shoe comes with the use of different materials in creating our iconic shoes some common some are not, so we decided to give you tip and suggestions on how to care for these different materials we use for our shoes. Pay attention:

1.       Fabric shoes

Wash fabric shoes by hand and let air dry at least once a month to keep them looking new. Keep the shape by stuffing with newspaper and replace as it gets soaked through. The newspaper helps speed up the drying process

 2.       Leather Shoes

From time to time, your leather shoes need more than just a simple wipe down.   Leather needs to be conditioned, moisturized and polished to help prolong its life.  You can do this yourself, or you can have someone professional do it for you. 

Note: Patent leather and suede do not need to be polished.

3.       Suede Shoes

You may wonder if suede shoes can be cleaned. The answer is yes. Preparation is key when looking after suede shoes; make sure you spray them with suede protector before wearing them. Try to not wear your suede shoes if you know they have a chance of getting wet or rained on… suede is sensitive to water and you wouldn’t want to ruin them for the sake of a few puddles.

Tip: Use a proper suede brush (a metal-bristled suede brush) to keep the nap looking good. It is best to clean any dirt or mud off your suede shoes when they are dry and use the motion in the same direction. (Not back and forth) Finally, dry your shoes natural source of heat.

4.       Heels

Now, this might not be a material but it is important to talk about this here since we are talking about caring for our shoe. Lots of walking over time can wear out the heels or sole of your shoes and this often time affects the balance of your shoes and so it very important too. "Have a cobbler glue on a sole protector, a preventive thin layer of rubber, which keeps water from soaking through the shoes, makes them slip-resistant and helps them last longer," says Jim McFarland, spokesman, and historian for the Shoe Service Institute and owner of McFarland's Shoe repair in Lakeland, Florida. "By doing this, you can actually extend the life of the shoes by about six or seven years," he says.

Plus, those little rubber tips on the end of your heels are God’s gift to hardwood floors.  Without them, the metal of the heel digs into even the hardest of hardwoods. Re-heeling your stilettos doesn’t cost much all you have to do pay a visit your cobbler.

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