Wedding Shoe Mistakes You Should Never Make

If there is one advice you will take away from this article it should be to wear wedding shoes that are best for you, be true to your style never conform and most importantly comfort should trump every other thing, I am sorry if we are beginning to sound like a broken record- your wedding shoe can make or break your day if you pick a pair of wedding shoes that’s uncomfortable, unflattering, or downright painful, you’ll be sorry you did and that is the last thing we want for you on your special day.

If you take a few of these wedding shoe tips to heart you’ll keep your feet happy, accentuate your style, and you’ll be able to dance the night away.

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Wedding shoe mistakes you should never make: No 1: Wearing the wrong wedding shoe for you:

Do you, ditch the rules and concentrate on being comfortable and happy during your big day- so for example if you don’t wear or like heels why wear them, but why, because you can trip on them, you won’t feel comfortable in them because you are not use to them and lastly it won’t feel good because it is not your style. Rules are not stone written on the type of wedding shoes you should wear your priority should be staying true to yourself and feeling comfortable in your wedding shoes. Will you be comfortable in sneakers, sandals or flats? Do you and be happy.


Wedding shoe mistakes you should never make: No 2: Not shopping around:


Wedding shoes can be expensive so by shopping around in other to get the best price will be a good spend of your time. Do you think you need expensive wedding shoes if no one sees it? So if the wedding dress you will be wearing covers your wedding shoes when you wear it will be wise to go for less expensive wedding shoe as no one will see it anyway.

And if you are shopping online make sure you shop with companies with a good return policy in case the shoes don’t fit and you have to return.

Wedding shoe mistakes you should never make: No 3: Forgetting to take an extra pair:

Unforeseen occurrence can happen: heels break, your feet hurt and you have to change it or you need heels for photos or sandals for dancing these are the times when an extra pair of shoe is so important.

Wedding shoe mistakes you should never make: No 4: Forgetting to break in your shoes before the wedding:

Once you buy your wedding shoes, break them by test running them. Shoes feel a little tight? Wear your shoes under your desk at work to break them in before the big day. A suggestion in our previous article is to do a complete walk through the marriage banquet you have booked to make sure you can walk comfortably through the ceremony and the reception areas of your wedding venue.

Enjoy your special day, do you, feel comfortable and let your style shine through.

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