How to make your wedding shoes comfortable
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Your first dance with your at your wedding should be a moment characterized by joy and unadulterated love, but one thing stands in your way, sporting the wrong shoes. This can transform a blissful spin around the dance floor into utter agony. Brides shouldn't have to choose between elegant footwear and comfort on their big day. It should be a marriage; comfort and elegance.

In this article, we will be giving you tips on how to prevent your wedding shoes from killing your feet.

1.       If the shoe fit.

Ill-fitting shoes are the major cause of foot pain. In other to get your feet well prepped for their high-fashion marathon to equip them with the right comfortable shoes will be one the best decisions you will make on your special day.

Tip: To find the best shoe fit possible, start by trying on options at the end of the day when your feet will naturally be at their biggest.

Tip: Slip on your typical size, as well as sizes up and down, until you find the most optimal selection.

Tip: Take your favorite shoes for a spin. Take a walk around the shop, if possible on a hard floor and on a carpet.

2.       Purchase a Pair of Inserts.

Investing in a pair of cushioned inserts for your wedding footwear is important as selecting the perfect pair of heels. The array of insert options is infinite, which means you can choose an option based upon your particular foot ailments. If you wish for an all-encompassing solution, search for a gel or full insole that supports the length of your foot. However, brides with more targeted concerns can opt for smaller pads that support the arch, toe, or ball of the foot.

3.       Break them.

There is a lot of this that you look forward to experiencing on your wedding day but definitely not the agonizing experience of wearing a wedding shoe that hurts your feet. To make them feel like old favorites, break them in ahead of time.

Tip: Use your hand to bend them back and forth

Tip: Wear them on an errand, walk a few blocks or maybe take your dog for a walk on them.

4.       Pitch Perfect.

Avoid gravity-defying shoe. Don’t be tempted. Experts say that five- and six-inch heels are designed for women over 5’6 because they have longer feet that can stretch the distance of the pitch these heels create.  Three- and four-inch heels are instead a better option to help shorter women reach new heights and remain smiling while doing so.

5.       Line Shoes With Plush Fabric to Minimize Friction

Before sporting your heels on the big day, discuss with your cobbler lining the interior of your shoes in thin, downy fabric. Heels with especially aggravating straps or restrictive designs can be made more wearable with the addition of moleskin or an equivalent material.

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